Understanding Grand Flight

Grand Flight Investment was established in 2016, is a Far East Horizon Ltd specializing in investment offbeat risk assets of member companies. Grand Flight Investment formerly known as FEH direct investment department, had the leading investment and to promote the listing of Yingli automobile (Taiwan listed on the main board of 2239), Guizhou photoelectric (A-share listing), and other large projects.

Idea Culture

People oriented value creation value creation value"
Borrow your wings, flying with you" adhering to the Far East Hongxin decades to service the spirit of Chinese industry, through the three channels as capital, capital, resources, Grand Flight Investment will focus on being cast in the enterprise long-term and mutual trust to become a partner.

Management team

Choose the best team, take most in line with the business logic model, found the most promising company; continued to investment companies provide whatever services and flexible choice in the appropriate channels and exit the right point in time, the enterprise value and return on investment to achieve a win-win situation.